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Jobs to keep you warm, and safe in November?

A person checking a central heating boiler

Schedule a Boiler Inspection & Service

Your boiler is one of the hardest working appliances in the household, providing you with essential heat and hot water daily. It’s easy to take it for granted until something goes wrong, and it breaks down. An annual service by a reputable company is a failsafe to prevent this occurrence from happening. So, make sure you book your service in before you get to the Festive Season.

A fire place

Clean Your Chimney

Use your fireplace this winter without fear after cleaning your chimney. Without cleaning it, the gases and smoke create soot and tar deposits, which trigger fires if they build up. Clean the flue and inquire about a smoke test to ensure that everything filters out of your home whenever you want the relaxing atmosphere of a crackling fire.

A smoke alarm

Test Smoke Detector Batteries

There’s an increased chance of fire during the holidays for multiple reasons. You’ll cook at home more often, risking a fire in the kitchen. You might also use your fireplace to warm your house and relax after a long day of hosting loved ones.

It’s always a good idea to test your smoke detector batteries before you get caught up in the holiday rush. Most models only require you to press and hold the main button until it beeps. If it doesn’t beep, it needs new batteries.

You can also remove the batteries already in the detector and place them in a handheld battery tester if you want to avoid the loud beeping.

A brick wall

Install Pest Prevention

Animals want to keep warm too, so they might sneak into your home during the holidays. Check outside of your home to spot areas where they might break-in. Loose tiles or gaps in exterior walls and doors are easy to fix before the critters become your new roommates.

To get help organising any of these services contact us at for more information.

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